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 Action CNC Router offers Techno Industrial CNC Products   CNC Training ,coaching and repairs


Vacuum pumps and other CNC accessories Spiral,spoil, round-over and other router bits at Action CNC Routers


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CNC Router Accessories,Parts and Repairs

Call or Text  817-330-9402 now to get started with Action CNC Routers and Supplies.

I have one for  DOS for old style isa card Techno. (PC not included)

ISA and pci cards are available.   Call for pricing.


Porter cable 3-1/4 hp with mounting bracket and dust hood

We are just trying to help educate everyone on collet issues.  


One of the biggest questions or comments we receive, is from broke tools (see photo)

 Bits from worn out collets

If the shanks of your tools look like this, this is a major collet problem and cannot be fixed

unless you change those collets. 2-3 times a year.

Call for pricing on your collets. ER20, ER25, ER 32 or Porter Cable collets

ER collets available for purcase online at Buy now  

 WOW tape ™   available on line   Buy now  

Speciality Tools

Spoil board bits

Spindle wrenchs

Extra tool holders

Pull tab for tool holders

Collet nuts

 Router Bits

 Onsrud Bits are available by special order. Call.

Southeast tool router bits are available by special order. Call.

SouthEast Tool Catalog PDF down load here

email your list of bits you need for price and delivery



Action CNC router


 USED Techno cnc router old stepper parts X Y stepper motors, motor cables cables, Parker SD5 drives,Zmotors, control case, power supply,other assorted pieces.!!


Bearings, ball screws and nuts are available. Call for details

Upgrades to update older Techno stepper units to servo

Upgrades to convert Older techno servo cnc routers from Dos to windows

I also do repairs and upgrades on older Techno cnc routers.

Call for price information. 817-330-9402