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Techno BT-1212 CNC Router  Benchtop

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Techno BT-1212 CNC Router















Techno BT 1212 specs  Precision Ball Screws on all three axes
  800 Watt (1 HP) Kress variable speed spindle 8,000-24,000 RPM
  Brushless micro stepper motor control system
  Aluminum t-slot table
  Compatible with G code and M code
  Cast metal base construction
  Easy to use hand held controller
  Includes: 1/8, 1/4 collets and wrenches

Process Area X= 11.8" Y= 11.8"  Z= 4" 

BT-1212 Options :

Extrusion Stand with castors
Cam Clamp
Toggle Clamp set (4)Full Safety Enclosure
Router Bit Set (8pcs)
Coolant System
4TH Axis rotary table w/tailstock
Servo upgrade
Tooling Kit (10pcs)






Videos of BT-1212 in action.